Below you will find a picture of a "Hip Roof" style shed.  These sheds are up and coming in the shed sales business. These buildings have been around for awhile, but were not very popular due to typical building styles. Recently  we have noticed that these buildings are becoming more and more popular with customers, as more and more custom building is being done to customers homes.  This gets the customers away from the typical "A" style roof, while offering other options besides the Barn and Cottage style sheds.  Each shed we sell comes with different trim options from T1-11 siding, Vinyl Siding, Board N Batten, or Cedar plank siding.  If there is a building you are interested in receiving a price quote on, please use the "Contact Us" feature at the top of the webpage.  Please fill out all information accurately, so we can provide the exact pricing for placing your building on your lot.  All sheds include delivery within a 25 mile driving radius from zip code 20678.

Hip Roof Sheds
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