Marco's Quality Storage Buildings is pleased to announce our great lineup of outdoor lighthouse decor.  Lighthouses are available in wooden or poly, made to look like several of the popular lighthouses, or custom painted from your choice of 11 different colors.  They also are available in Deluxe Lighthouse Styles.

Wooden lighthouses are handcrafted from a top quality signboard plywood and painted with an exterior paint. These lighthouses are built to endure all types of weather conditions.  Quality with customer satisfaction is our number one goal for every lighthouse we produce. All lighthouses come with a standard 25 watt bulb. our lighthouses offer a unique way to beautify your landscape by covering well casings, sewer pipes, or anything else in your yard.

Poly lighthouses are a maintenance free product, built to last a lifetime! It will not splinter, crack, or fade and needs no painting.  It is environmentally friendly and made from recycled material.  Poly lighthouses are available in Barnegat, Cape Henry, Marblehead, Cape Cod, Cape May and Split Rock styles, or any color combination of your choice.  There are 9 different color options to chose from on the poly lighthouses. Poly lighthouses come standard with a 25 watt bulb.

Lighthouse bases are also available. The lighthouse bases are made to look like the bottom of Cape Hatteras lighthouse to give your lighthouse even more curb appeal.

Stop by our office in Prince Frederick and see what we have in stock or place your order and we will call you when it comes in.  Choose from a variety of colors, sizes and styles to create the lighthouse of your dreams!


    Revolving lights (2 styles)
    Solar lights
    Interior lighting in tower windows
    5', 6', 8' & 12' units available with stone masonry
    Dusk to Dawn Sensors
    Plug in Flasher
    Custom painted
    Lighthouse bottom base  

Lighthouse Dimensions

Outside Bottom Diameter   Inside Bottom Diameter Inside Diameter at 2' High  Inside Top Diameter  Inside Height 
2'  12.5" 8.5" NA 4.75" 12"
3' 15.5" 10.5" NA 5.875" 19"
4' 20.5" 15.375" 8.5" 7.5" 29"
5'  22" 16.75" 11.25" 7.625" 39"
 6' 25" 20" 15.5" 10.75" 48"
 8' 34" 28" 23" 13.5" 79"
 12' 49" 40" 36" 18.5" 109"
Lighthouse Base Dimensions  Lighthouse Base Diameter Lighthouse Base Height
 2' 13" 4.5"
3' 18" 6"
4' 22" 8"
5' 24" 10"
6' 27" 12"
8' 36" 18"
12" 51" 24"

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